Vast tracts of desert stretch beneath a blistering sky, dotted with hidden oases that provide life to the nomads and caravans of merchants there. Villages and a few larger cities have cropped up around the more permanent of those, including the capital of Irem Zhat al Imar where the Noor (Queen) holds Court. Alhambra has a rich history of scholarly pursuits (such as astronomy, astrology and other sciences), appreciation for music (oud, ney and kanoun are favored) and luxury (silks, perfumes and spices), silver-tongued merchants and occasionally the silver-daggered assassin. It has been, since times untold, ruled by a strong matriarchy, and it is said that the royal line holds the keys to celestial magics and speaking with the Djinn. Other more mundane magics are practiced in Alhambra by the commoners: reading tea leaves, and other earthy, lower magics.

Geography: Alhambra is, for the most part, a land of endless deserts spotted with oases and the temporary homes of bedouin tribes and caravans. The Kingdom of Tides is home to Alhambra's only river, and the land floods seasonally with a bounty of water. The Cliffs of Ed-Razul, once long forgotten and now only recently rediscovered, reach soaring heights over the Sea of Zahir. Secrets hide within the depths of the desert, beneath sun and sand, ancient ruins of Alhambra That Was.

Trade: The main exports of Alhambra are silks, spices and perfumes, along with horses famed for their grace and speed. They import hard woods, lacking in them by nature. Vast markets can be found in Irem Zhat al Imad - the largest port city in Alhambra and capital of the desert nation, and Alhambran merchants sail the shadow paths plying their goods in almost any Shadow.

War: Alhambra, for the most part, has been a peaceful nation since as long as anyone can remember. Not that they're without their scuffles, or armies to protect the land. More than one family has found itself exiled from one Shadow, only to have Alhambra open their arms in offering of sanctuary.

The one exception to this rule seems to be Cibola, many Alhambrans holding a quiet hatred for the land and those from it. This stems back to one, singular event— the supposed theft of a godshard from a sacred temple just outside of the Royal City by Cibolans.

Beneath the surface, there is a quiet battle raging every day, between the Chosen of Ab and Umm and the Ifrit Cultists. A battle that may, soon, become less than quiet.

People: The people of Alhambra are as varied as the grains of sand they walk over. Those who dwell in the city relish the luxuries afforded to them there and detest the desert. Those who have their homes amid the Kingdom of Tides know duty and dark magics like no other, and those who seek true knowledge know that even in the heart of the desert there is life.


Magic: It is said that the royal line of Alhambra holds the keys to celestial magics, and influence the stars with their power. Other more mundane magics are practiced by the commoners: reading tea leaves, and other earthy, lower magics. There are also those that bind the Djinn, beings of cosmic power that once roamed free over the expanse of Alhambra.

Theme: Alhambra draws influence from ancient desert cultures including Arabia and Egypt. It is a different imagining of the world of 1001 Nights, myths and dreams.

Play: Alhambra's main draw is as a place for adventure in the form of Exploration. Numerous pyramids and temples dot the endless desert, along with ruins of forgotten times. There is knowledge, lost and waiting to be found, throughout the shadow. It is also a home for strange creatures of myth—sphinx, roc, and ghul to name a few.

Contact: The Propco for Alhambra is Surayya, and can be reached on-game. She also maintains an extensive wiki at http://alhambra.roadtoamber.com

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