Sword Dancing

Sword Dancers are men and women who have given their lives over to mastering the formal code duello of Alhambra. There are seven levels or Circles of Sword Dancing, when a man or woman reaches the seventh Circle they are given the choice of becoming a Shodo, if they choose this path then they may train others formally in their style, this however does mean they are no longer Sword Dancers and do not participate in duels other than those for personal honor or training.

A Sword Dancer need not be Shodo trained, however those who can claim such training are more highly valued and sought after for patronage. A disproportionate number of starblades find themselves in the hands of Shodo trained sword dancers, leading to adventure even beyond the Circle of the duel.

*Sword Dancing*

  1. The Circle of a duel should be an odd number of paces across, no less than 7 no more than 15.
  2. Both Dancer's blades are placed in the center of the Circle with their hilts pointed to their respective Dancer.
  3. At the call of 'Dance' from the adjudicator the two dancers run to their blades and begin the dance.
  4. When first blood is the adjudicator will call out 'Blood' at this point the dancers may choose to stop. (The blooded dancer has lost if they stop.)
  5. When a Dancer is disarmed or willfully drops their sword the adjudicator will call 'Blade' at this point the dancers may choose to stop. (The disarmed Dancer has lost if they stop.)
  6. When a Dancer steps out of the Circle or is forced from it, the adjudicator will call 'Stop'. (The one to leave the Circle has lost.)
  7. Otherwise the Dance ends when one Dancer is unable to continue, due to death, injury, or exhaustion.
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