Surayya abd al Rauf Umm al Jinn

Chosen of the Most Serene Umm, Daughter of Mercy


Priestess of Umm, Surayya is the daughter of a family of jewelers, distant cousins to the Noor. A pillar of Serenity and Faith, her manner is gentle and sweet, voice soft.

Surayya was sent to Amber as companion to the Amira Badriya, and quickly took on many of the roles within the Embassy. With the Amira having returned from a recent trip home, Su has taken a step back to let the princess handle the more political matters that come forth. She has taken on a student, and now more than ever she keeps herself cloistered away behind the Embassy walls.

The favored student of the Most Revered Basira, High Priestess of Umm, it is rumoured that Surayya will take on the role when the elderly woman passes.

She served the Noor as Royal Astrologer for a short two years, before she returned to Alhambra, resigning the position after a trip to Cibola that involved the death of Jabir.

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