The Starblade is an artifact unique to Alhambra, and the stars in the skies of the kingdom are always visible in the reflection of the blade, no matter when or where the owner finds himself.

Each Starblade is unique, reflecting a specific segment of the sky, and it is said that if all the Starblades ever crafted were gathered together, it would form a full picture of the sky. Because of this uniqueness, these are of great cultural significance, and are great treasures to give when a young man comes of age or otherwise, and each blade has a long and storied history which the wielder is expected to honor.(When this gift is taken, the character is encouraged to create a token that tells the story of their personal blade.)

Physically, the blades are a dark, seemingly unbreakable metal that keeps a keen edge. When in the possession of a character who can starwalk, the knife can be used to starwalk to a destination in Alhambra no matter the time of day or visibility of the stars - the reflection in the blade is guidance enough.

Sayf al-Sahar, Starblade of Jabir

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