Sayf Al Sahar

Sayf al-Sahar, the Sword of the Dawn, as it has become known, is a Starblade in the form of scimitar. Reflected in its black blade is the portion of the night sky where the constellation of Kasim Horizon-Walker rides. The constellation is the first to appear and the last to set, always appearing over the now-abandoned temple of Ab where he died in its defense.

Though legend reigns more than truth from the days of Kasim, it is said that he walked beneath the stars and sun when Alhambra was still a garden of a land, and unity among its people was a thing no one thought of or needed. Kasim was seen as a wise man and one of the first priests of Ab, and would travel from town to town offering advise and over seeing any arbitration that required a neutral party. For his dedication, it's whispered that the sun god himself granted Kasim the Sword of the Dawn.

When the Djinn came to trick mankind into turning their back on the precepts of their faith, Kasim stood steadfast in his devotion. When angry tribes attacked a sacred temple, Kasim gathered men to help defend it. He was, no matter what else, just a man, and when all others died in defense of the temple, Kasim was the last to go down. His starblade disappeared, as well as his body, that very night.

The Sword of the Dawn did not reappear for a generation or two, for none were worthy to bear its legacy. When it did appear next, it was granted to Jabir bin-Sahar, grandchild of Kasim's via his daughter and the djinn who had taken Kasim's body and blade in honor of the man's dedication to the cause of Ab and Umm.

Sayf al-Sahar has been seen as a sign of favor of the gods for the otherwise accursed djinn-spawn, Jabir. It has been used for centuries in the cause of the Noor, tasting the blood of invaders and, most recently, dispatching Road spawned horrors in the black sands.

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