Rub Al Kali

The Rub al Kali is at the heart of what was before Ab's wrath the center of the Garden. Now it is a place of death. Only the most hardy or most foolish venture into the sands without a Ghul as a guide. If you do not know what to look for the transition from the desert to the Rub al Kali is hard to spot. [GL-Alhambra 4 or UP-Nature 3] The deadly secret of the Rub al Kali lies in the sand. The sand is filled with infinitesimal crystals that act as mirrors to bake a traveler from below as the sun bakes them from above.

The winds and shifting sands of the Rub al Kali leave the land an ever changing rolling land of sand dunes. Without proper knowledge of the stars or the Songs of the Ghul it is a matter of blind luck to find an oasis or well when you need one. Food is scarce and a well prepared traveler will carry much water as well as dried koumfa meat.

Storms blow across the Rub al Kali, the Haboob can bury a man in sand, strip the silks from his back, and abrade his skin to raw meat, while the Simoom can smother him and leave him with heat poisoning.

The creatures of the sand can as well present a problem for man or beast traveling through the Rub al Kali even more so than other parts of the desert.

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