Since the times of the Wrath of Ab and Mercy of Blessed Umm, the people of Alhambra have been faithful to their Mother and Father in the sky. The Priests and Priestesses have highly important roles within the Court, and their advice is well-sought and freely given. Often, the High Priestess of Umm also serves as Royal Astrologer to the Royal Family, responsible for charting out their stars and the mysteries involving them.

The Chosen

From a young age, it is easy to determine who will be called into the service of the gods. Sometime, these children seem slightly off, or are marked with eyes the colors of the heavens. Training begins at the age of seven for these children, and they are spirited away from their families to be cloistered away with the Elders of the service. Deep in the deserts within hidden temples, they learn what it is to be Chosen. Lessons in history, the arts, and diplomacy are all of import, but the greater lessons are in the mapping of the stars and sorcery. The first three years are spent in balance, the servants of Ab and Umm trained side by side, until their tenth year comes. Then, specialized lessons begin.

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