Qamra's home is the deserts of Alhambra, in the travelling Court of a local queen. She was raised as a princess, but the queen is not her mother. Given at birth by Zahirah, her fire jinn mother, Qamra's foster mother was only told this about her. "Tend her well, for she is the daughter of Fire and of the Moon. A pact between my kind and yours. When she comes of age, look for the Moon to come and claim his own." Although Qamra never knew her father's name, once she was told the tale she waited expectantly.

He came for her the night of her ascendency to adulthood, stepping right into her tent out of the moonlight. Her father. Prince Eric of Amber. The long-awaited Moon. They talked until morning, and he told her of himself as well as of other places. One place in particular; a place called Amber.

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