Faces in the Sands

Children of the Sand

gamil.jpg Gamil: Malik of the Blackwater sept of the Rub al Kali Ghul
Jibril.jpg Jibril: Something Here
Lamya.jpg Lamya: Mistress of a Thieves Guild
Seal.jpg Nevihn: Something Here
Roxy1.jpg Roxiel: Something Here
Seal.jpg Ryika: Bastard half-breed with a head for the stars.
Siro1.jpg Siroteph: Ancient son of royal blood.
Qamra.jpg Qamra: Moved to greener, uh, forests.


Gil.jpg Gilgamesh: Altair's former apprentice, he's visited Alhambra on occasion, mostly the deep deserts.
Gerard.jpeg Prince Gerard: Visitor from another world, Hero who defeated the Sphinx (called Riddle-Solver, by some); rumored to be the one-time lover of the Noor.
Kynan.jpg Kynan: Tester from Pathi, and once frequent visitor to the Embassy.
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