Oasis of the Crocodiles

Deep within the desert, over a week's travel from The Kingdom of Tides, is the Oasis of Crocodiles. It is sheltered, and hidden, by a labyrinthine series of arroyos. Difficult to find, and made dangerous by the large number of crocodiles that take shelter within its confines, only a few desert tribes make use of its waters.

Those that do, seem to regard this place as something more than an oasis. Singing praises and hymns, they leave offerings and beg the oasis to allow them shelter.

More rarely, pilgrimages are made to this oasis, from the Kingdom of Tides. An antiquated ritual, there are those who seek to pay homage to a deathgiver in a place of life, and come here to offer sacrifice and prayer. Given the dangers of deep desert travels as well as the dangers of the place itself, however, these travelers are few.

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