Maha'raq, or the Isle of Ash, is an island off of the coast of Alhambra at the northern edge of the shadow, about a week's worth of sailing from the port at Irem Zhat al-Imad. It began its life as a lush tropical paradise like the rest of Alhambra, and some even claim it was once a part of the mainland. When Ab's fury descended upon Alhambra and those who had partaken of the Djinn's secrets, the island was severed and shoved into the water, its lush gardens and beautiful trees blasted into ash, and all life upon the island was no more.

Maha'raq remained as little more than a memory to most until nearly four centuries ago. It was then that a pirate began to make raids upon Alhambran ships along the coasts of the north, and later this became more of a pirate organization striking at any ship holding things of value. Those who managed to live through the ordeals began to whisper of Maha'raq once more, for it some claim this is where they heard the pirates to say the booty was being taken.

Very few have made it to the Isle of Ash and lived to tell the tale. It is a den of thieves and murderers, of pirates and cutthroats. More than just requiring coordinates to sail to, the island is a dangerous place in dangerous waters. It was first discovered by a Minosian explorer named Kaelrist and has since then been guarded by and protected by her family.

Kaelrist was a great beauty, and her blond hair and blue eyes were such that many a men in Alhambra found their heads turning, much to the anger of their wives. She was also a skilled sailor, and a ruthless pirate. Upon finding herself in Alhambra and being chased by some of the Royal fleet, she took a risk and sailed into unknown waters. It was there, far out of the normal trade routes and through shark-infested and coral-clogged waters that Kaelrist would find Maha'raq. And more, she claimed the eye and heart of a marid.

Kaelrist would go on to bear a daughter to the Marid, Yessica, and in exchange for Yessica's birth, the marid agreed to protect the island so long as its bloodline should live. This has come in the form of nasty waves to push others away, sudden squalls, and even whirlpools that deter most from exploring too thoroughly.

But for those who know the secrets, for those brought to Maha'raq by the marid's family, the island is a haven. It holds life again, and a single small city where goods from many lands can be bought and sold. If you need a contact with the underworld, chances are there's one to be found here.

Nominally, the Isle of Ash is ruled over by Idris who claims the title of Emir, by being the only descendant of the Marid and Kaelrist living. Idris, however, is often away and so the Guild of Thieves and the Conclave of Pirates tend to handle the day to day matters on the island. Some even say the Star Charter's Guild has a hold there, but that could just be rumor.

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