The Children of Ab and Umm

Once, there were more stars in the sky above Alhambra, bright things that lit the desert sands. They were the children of Ab and Umm, called the Djinni.

Some fell from the sky in anger, others walked the desert in hopes of helping the children of the sands in their time of need.

There are four great Djinn, though their true names are unknown, save by the few that hold them. To know their name is to hold great power, yet also great burden.

Some say that to call the name of a Djinn frees him to do some small evil in the world, and it is bad luck to use the name in this fashion.

Others claim that the Royal Family holds the ultimate, most important task: Maintaining the Surats and making sure that the Djinn are never allowed to freely roam the world.

OOC Note: Any knowledge of the particular Djinn requires a GL-Alhambra Lore of 3 or higher.
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