Mad Men in the Market

October 8, 2014 in GL-Alhambra
Related to: The Hollow

It's on the lips of women shopping in the souks, and worshipers leaving the Temple, rumored between guards at the palace gates and ship hands at the harbor… Something strange is going on in the desert.

Two men, on two separate occasions in the early days of the month, have come into the city from the desert speaking of being touched by death. They both made quite the scene in the markets, begging anyone resembling a Priestess for cleansing and blessings, weeping of the hunger that won't be quieted, the thirst that won't be quenched, the rest that won't be had.

The first man took his own life during the attempts to take him off the streets. The second was seen to have been taken by Amir Siroteph and a small, unknown woman covered from head to toe, to a guard post when he began to assault a trio of young temple alcolytes in his desperation for help.

The people wonder what has become of the second mad man. More so…They wonder what did he see in the desert? And will there be more?

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