To put it simply, Lamya is a quietly driving force. She's the kind that stays in the shadows while others are put to work accomplishing some means to an end. She's the mystic that gives the prophecy that sets the heros in motion. She's the spy that whispers words in the noble's ear that launches the right attack.

Lamya was raised on the streets of Alhambra as an orphan, taken in on the harshest of days and the coldest of nights by a priestess of Um and tended to - learning to read, learning to venerate the goddess and so on.

Where's Home?

As an orphan, the only family that Lamya ever knew were the other street rats and the priestess that would take her in. The priestess was as much her mother as anyone else was. Lamya would not find out until much later she was the daughter of a sultan, the by-blow left with a woman of lose morals during the sultan's visit.

But it was Fatima, the priestess of Um, that would convince Lamya to serve the goddess, to serve Alhambra, rather than just surviving on the streets.

Recent History

Lamya has been using her ties from childhood, her connections to the street rats, to infiltrate one of the thieves guilds. The guild leader has just had an unfortunate accident, and Lamya sees this as her chance to step up, take it over, and start using her influence to direct events towards strengthening Alhambra. She can use the whispers of urchins and pick-pockets to pass along information that the Noor might need to defeat the Black Sands and the evil djinn.


  • Disguises
  • Burglary
  • Crime
  • The Black Sands (and the destruction thereof)
  • Alhambra
  • Spies!


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