Jibril Al'Rachid

The Legend of the Sheik of P'athna and the Shadow Jinn

O wise traveler I am certain that you have not heard the tale of the Prince of Secrets and the Oasis of P'athna. Give me a bite of bread and a swig of your sweet wine and I will tell you the tale. Many suns have set since the Prince came but his wake always remembered.

A traveler came from the distant land of Amber, he who is the holder of secrets. He who is called Prince Brand of Amber. He came to study the Tomb of Wonders with the blessings of Ry'nas, the Sheik at the time. Ry'nas had several beautiful daughters. There was one who was different than the rest. Her mother was a Pathi Tester who had come to retire in P'athna. The grand Prince of Amber married her and she bore him a child on a day when Sahal was rumored to be playing with the sun. (The day of an eclipse of the sun). There were more shadows than sun on this day. The boy was called Jibril, so named by his brethren. Good Traveler, Jibril would be translated into Thari as Gabriel.

He grew to manhood and showed a strong aptitude for magic and he excelled in his studies and impressed his father. For as long as the Prince stayed in P'athna he was attentive to his son and one day he took Jibril away to see the Pathi wizards and begin training. This made Sahal, the shadow Jinn angry and the shadows began to torment P'athna and when the Sheik returned almost a century later he came to strife and war. Many had been killed and his grandfather was dying.

When Jibril Al'Rachid accepted the title of Sheik of P'athna he became protector of the Oasis and since that time the shadows have retreated and the land has flourished. He decided not to continue his studies in Pathi and took up the mantle of his duty in Alhambra for the wisdom of Umm had entered his heart.

Now, good traveler, he is gone again. Even though he returns to us on a more regular basis I can see the shadows starting to get longer. Can't you? I wonder what we will do if he does not return.


Jibril Al’Rachid is the Sheik of the P’athna Oasis deep in the heart of the desert. Around two hundred years ago he returned to P’athna and stopped some civil unrest there when his grandfather died. He has been Sheik ever since. On his grandfather’s death he inherited many things. The P’athna palace, the harem and all but the secrets of the Tomb of Wonders which he and his father Prince Brand of Amber have been attempting to unlock for centuries.

In P'athna, Jibril may be the Sheik, but his head wife holds the power of the Oasis. The Sheik does have a Harem in P'athna, but this Harem is not in the Sheik's control. It is a family and ruled by the Head Wife. She chooses who becomes part of the Harem. When the Sheik took power he became the guardian of P'athna. Not the ruler. Cha'dyza Al'Rachid is the true ruler of P'athna.

Trump of Jibril (Black and White for now)



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