Jabir bin-Sahar

Vizier of Alhambra

Jabir has been an adviser to the Noors for as long as anyone of living memory can remember, and even their grandparents remember him as part of the Court of the Noor. He seems to come and go freely where he will across the desert, even having been spotted flying across the sky on great wings of colored silk. His appearance clearly marks him one of the Djinn's children. He holds the title of Vizier, and is a representative of the Star Charters Guild.

During a trip to Cibola with Surayya, he met his death. The Noor was unsurprisingly upset, and as a result relations between the desert kingdom and Amber have become tense. Rumours, however, have begun to swirl that word of his demise was greatly exagerated… Jabir is the son of a Djinn, after all.

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