Haytham bin Hadil bint Gulzar Thaloc al Qualb

Beloved Flame, Falcon of the West, Final Path of the Morning Star


Haytham is a Beloved Flame of the Noor: which is to say, a consort who has been set aside but remains within her favor. He was consort for a scarce seven years, having arrived as a peace offering from the Thalocians after a small incident wherein his mother led an army of the undead against a city of Alhambra. After the Noor set him aside, he remained close to the royal family, and became a questor for the Queen. He has traveled throughout Alhambra and to shadows beyond in search of whatever strange items she may send him to find, disappearing for months at a time. His most recent quest has taken him to Amber itself.

When not larking about seeking out a pure white jackal cub with a single black hair or a lily that blooms only once a century under the light of a green full moon, Haytham acts as mortician for anyone the Noor deems important enough to deserve the personal attention of her pet Thalocian. He's also a lesser priest of the demigods worshiped in the Kingdom of Tides, but is seldom called on in that capacity; their worship is of little significance in Irem Zhat al Imad, compared to that of Ab and Umm.

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