This knowledge is OOC unless you have: GL-Alhambra 5 or GL-Alhambra 3 and Pick 1: UP-Covert 5 or UP-Crime 5.

The Fedayeen are a group of Assassins that hold a belief that they are weapons only. Those who hire them are fully responsible for any actions that they are paid to do. The group is lead by a single leader, the Old Man of the Mountain, who is said to be the man who founded the sect shortly after Ab's Wrath.

Each Assassin is taught by a single Master, starting with spying and tracking, then moving to killing by force of arms, and finally delving into the mysteries of poisons and alchemy. When the Master feels the apprentice has progressed as far as they can they are presented to the Old Man of the Mountain, there they vow to be a weapon rather than a killer.

A portion of every payment they receive is sent back to the mountain which is said to be filled with caverns of gold and jewels.

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