Ed-Razul is a tiny kingdom unknown to almost all in the far reaches of Alhambra, backed by towering cliffs on three sides and the Sea of Zahir on the fourth. High upon the cliffs bareness gives way to plains and forests; the giant falcons of the Cliffs of Ed-Razul nesting in the cliffs and hunting over the rest. It is ruled by the Sultana Al-Reyzina, and her seven daughters serve as the Royal Court. The eldest, Yasmeena, is to be Sultana when Al-reyzina joins the Stars above; her next eldest, El-hayami, chief advisor. Armina is a musician and poet, her songs and poems well sought and sighed after; Rezzana, already betrothed to the prince of a neighbouring kingdom. Jossifa is an academician, slated to be court astronomer and philosopher and doctor; Al-fira, the diplomat. In a court of such accomplished, genteel, gentle women, the youngest daughter Kohrinoor is the warrior, the firebrand, and the First of Flight in her line, commanding a section of the Falcon Riders.

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