The Black Road

It moved through the sand like a serpent of darkness and destruction. Winding and twisting, carving a black path and corrupting everything it touched. Strange creatures walk along those sands, beings of a solitary intelligence. There were whispers, among those fellow Faithful that I had traveled with - that the Wrath of Ab had come to us once more.
—The Memoirs of Basira, High Priestess of Umm

Any merchant, or caravan driver, can tell you of the Blackness that has touched the sands. Entire oases devoured by it, tainting the water and killing the palms that usually thrive. There are parts of the desert that only the bravest, or most foolish, travel, where the black stretch has grown wider, longer. Others whisper that the Blackness is moving, striking out towards the most sacred of ground, places where only the Priestess and Priests know.

Some believe that the Blackness is the manifestation of Ab's anger growing again, as people begin turning away from the old ways. That soon, all that will be left of Alhambra are ashes and soot in the desert sands.

One palace and it's city have been spared by the Black Sands, which part around the city as a river around a rock.

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