Al'Rachid Manor

Al'Rachid Manor

The Al'Rachid Manor is a very old residence in City Amber that has undergone several renovations. When Jibril was in Amber, he lived there and appointed a caretaker when he left. The caretaker let the Manor go to ruin. With the assistance of his friend who has friends, the manor has been restored in record time by competent carpenters. Of particular interest is the domed top courtyard so constructed for a constant view of the stars.


Jibril Al'Rachid.
Jibril is a Sheik from the Oasis town of P'athna in Alhambra. Influential and honorable, he is as charming as he is wise.


Delilah Gattini- Chamberlain/Major Domo
Delilah is another story. She bore his brother's children and he seems to have an interest in her talents.
She seems to also be some kind of confidant.

Navarre d'Mandrake - Personal Physician/Student
Navarre seems to have also caught the interest of the Sheik. He seems to be some kind of personal project.

Prince Dalt of Lyonesse Friend of the Sheik.
No one is certain what to think of the friendship between Dalt and Jibril. Are they lovers? Business Partners?
They certainly spend a great deal of time with their heads together.

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