Welcome to Alhambra

Vast tracts of desert stretch beneath a blistering sky, dotted with hidden oases that provide life to the nomads and caravans of merchants there. Villages and a few larger cities have cropped up around the more permanent of those, including the capital where the Noor (Queen) holds Court. Alhambra has a rich history of scholarly pursuits (such as astronomy, astrology and other sciences), appreciation for music (oud, ney and kanoun are favored) and luxury (silks, perfumes and spices), silver-tongued merchants and occasionally the silver-daggered assassin. It has been, since times untold, ruled by a strong matriarchy, and it is said that the royal line holds the keys to celestial magics and speaking with the Djinn. Other more mundane magics are practiced in Alhambra by the commoners: reading tea leaves, and other earthy, lower magics.

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